Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears


Cutting becomes easier, faster, and more enjoyable with Benchusch Multi Purpose Scissors. It is perfectly equipped for all kinds of materials including poultry meat, chicken, fish, small bones, vegetables, flowers, herbs and of even versatile enough to snip paper.


The premium blades are made of top grade stainless steel, to prevent any rust, bends or deformations under normal use. It can easily cut through anything with less effort like a hot knife cut through a butter.

The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, will ensure a secured grip while cutting. Its design is balanced to allow both the left-handed and right-handed to facilitate with ease and comfort through every use.

Additionally, the PP plastic cover provided will protect the sharp blades out of reach from children while closing it off with a sleek functional design.

With these manners, this Multi Purpose Scissors is worthy to be in your kitchen place.

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